Why Use La Source Parisienne?


Q: Why art and antiques?

Dr. Gogel: I got into the arts and antiques market because it was a natural transition for me as a former archaeologist and art enthusiast.

Q: How does La Source Parisienne (LSP) differ from other antiquing services?

Dr. Gogel: LSP is an "individualized service" that caters to the specific needs and desires of the client. If the client is looking for a Daum Vase, I will find that specific item. If the client wants to buy an entire dining room of Napoleon III furniture, I will also undertake the project. If the client wants to go directly to the trade sources to search for an item, LSP will accompany him or her. Another advantage is the dealer prices. You are working directly with the sources, there are no intermediate markups and there is the constant excitement of being immersed in typical French culture.

Q: What is the new "Learn and Buy" service?

Dr. Gogel: Basically, a client now also has the opportunity to learn while buying or learn by just walking around the markets. I give briefings and seminars on such matters as 'how to buy antiques' and 'how to recognize the fake from the real.'

Q: Who are the main clients?

Dr. Gogel: Dealers, antique store owners from abroad, interior designers, museum curators....also individuals who know little about antiques but who would love to learn how to buy; the simply curious, individuals, groups - either small or large. People who love to travel and see what is worthwhile at markets, fairs, and auctions.

Q: How much does La Source Parisienne charge?

Dr. Gogel: LSP can be hired for a retainer fee of 675 euros for a full day or half the amount for a half day. I am in charge of accompanying the client to the local antiques fairs, markets and auctions. If the person buys nothing, the above rates are those which are accounted for. If the person purchases antiques, LSP is paid 10% of the purchase price, or the retainer fee, whichever is higher. To these fees are added the VAT (current VAT is 19.6%). For example, if the client buys 6,000 euros worth of goods, the fee would be 675 euros plus VAT. If the client's expenditures are 7,000 euros, only 700 euros plus VAT is due. Rather simple... It should be noted, though, that VAT is not applied to the merchandise itself, under certain circumstances.

Q: How much for a week?

Dr. Gogel: If a client hires LSP for a week and he or she travels to antique fairs, all our expenses are paid by the client- hotel, food, transportation - plus a weekly retainer fee of 5,000 euros plus VAT. If the result of the client's purchases during the week is greater than 50,000 euros, the retainer fee is waived and the percentage price is the 10% plus VAT. However, expenses are always payable.

Q: Why is it advantageous to work with LSP and not another antiquing service?

Dr. Gogel: My prices are generally 20 to 40 % lower than those of the competition. The client is purchasing items directly from the trade sources, without intermediaries. He or she also has the opportunity to learn about the items and markets as he is scouting them.

Q: Does LSP offer insurance or a guarantee?

Dr. Gogel: For all items purchased, certificates of authenticity will be provided by the seller. It is the purchaser's responsibility to obtain such documents. LSP is a consultancy and will advise the purchaser to obtain such receipts, but is not liable. Where large purchases are involved, LSP can arrange for the client to engage independent appraisal services.

Q: If traveling, would you take care of finding accommodations for your clients?

Dr. Gogel: Of course, everything from A to Z.

Q: Does the client need to be present to make purchases or can he correspond over the phone or Internet?

Dr. Gogel: A client can call, fax or send me Internet photos of the type of antique or antiques for which he or she is looking. The client does not have to be present. LSP can arrange shipping according to the person's desires.

Q: Can more than one person be serviced at one time? Groups?

Dr. Gogel: Groups can be accommodated and special rates can be applied.

Q: In your opinion, what direction is the art and antique market taking?

Dr. Gogel: I believe that it is a perfect time to invest in art and antiques. Many people are investing in art and antiques instead of the highly volatile stock market. It can be a much safer choice for many people and antiques typically appreciate over time. Antiques represent an investment you can look at and appreciate all of the time.