Dr. Sandra Gogel is the founder and president of La Source Parisienne (LSP), an Antique consultancy and Excursion company, based in Paris.

Sandra organizes and delivers customized antiquing services to an international cliental consisting of Art and Antique collectors, dealers, designers and museum curators.

Founded in November 2002, La Source Parisienne was originally oriented to local Parisians, but has since become a highly-regarded and rapidly growing international antiquing service.

La Source Parisienne offers ‘Learn and Buy’ sessions to help clients better understand the entire process involved in the purchase of antiques, including authentication and restoration, as well as insights and anecdotes about the objects themselves. Sandra also offers a series of private and group courses dealing with the world of antiques and trends in the art market.

Sandra organizes antique conferences and excursions for embassies, businesses, schools and expatriate groups. She has served as Auctioneer for many international fundraisers, gala and charity events.

After moving from the United States to Paris in 1985, Sandra quickly became known as one of the best antique dealers throughout Europe. Her highly regarded “Insider’s Visit to the Drouot French Auction House in Paris"  is a hit with antique aficionados.

Sandra graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1974 with a bachelor’s degree in Art and Archaeology, and later received an MA (1976) and a PhD (1985) degree from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. She also holds a Masters degree (1978) in teaching. In France, Sandra studied at the École des Beaux Arts, attended the École du Louvre, and trained at Drouot Formation.

Sandra is a published author, whose studies and research have given her a discerning eye and impeccable taste.

Sandra's followers love visiting the markets and auctions with her and enjoy her many insights and her friendly and professional approach with the shopkeepers, as well as art and antique dealers. Join her for one of her many visits and see for yourself!